An American, a Japanese man, and a Cuban are all at Home Depot — shopping in the millwork and doors section. The American finds an employee and asks, “Which of these doors is the toughest?” The employee responds, “Why do you need a tough door?” The American became passionate about his reasoning, “I’m going on a vacation and I don’t want a burglar kicking my door down!” The employee finds him a steel core door and sends him on his way. The Japanese man asks the employee, “Which of these doors is the quietest?” The employee asks, “Why do you need a quiet door?” The Japanese man responds, “I would not like to disturb my wife when I come home late.” The employee sells him a sliding door and sends him on his way. The Cuban hurried to the employee and blurts out, “I’m in the same situation as the American!” The employee tilts his head, “So you need a strong door?” The Cuban responded, “No, a bouyant one, I’m going on vacation!”
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