After a severe thunderstorm farmer notices a fire has started in his field. He tries putting it out but it’s starting to spread. He yells for his wife to call the fire department. Some neighbors see the smoke and want to help but they can’t do anything but watch. Finally they hear the siren of the old fire truck as it’s coming over the hill. They see the truck speeding up as it’s coming down the hill and then drive into the field and stop right in the middle of the fire. The firemen jump off and use everything they had to bring the fire under control. With shovels, picks, and even fire blankets they fought the flames. Everyone watching was in awe of the fire crew’s efforts in putting down the fire. By this time some people people were collecting donations for the fire department and a news reporter even showed up. When the fire was out the firemen, dirty and tired, started loading up their truck while the captain slowly walked towards the farmer and the cheering crowd. The reporter gets to the captain first and states, “What an astounding show of firefighting! The folks here have collected over $1000 dollars for your department, what are you going to use it for?” The captain replies, “First of all, we’re going to fix the brakes on the truck.”
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