Out drinking with dad.

A guy walks into a bar, sits down, and orders a beer. The bartender brings the beer and goes back to wiping down the bar. Every once in a while the bartender notices the man dribbling a little beer into his shirt pocket. When the man gets close to finishing his beer the bartender brings him a fresh one and says, “I’ve noticed you dribble a little beer into your shirt pocket and I’m very curious, could you tell me the reason?” The man says “I’m taking my dad out for a beer, I carry him in my shirt pocket. The bartender laughs and says, “Very funny!” and walks back down the bar. He again notices the man dribbling a little beer into his shirt pocket and just has to know what the joke is and brings the guy another beer. The bartender asks sarcastically “Does your dad do anything else?” and the man says “Sure! You want to see?” And he gently reaches into his shirt pocket and lifts out a little man. The bartender is amazed as the man tells the little man to do some tricks. As the little man walks to the left, then runs to the right, jumps over a cigarette pack and sits down on it. The man explains that his father was on safari years ago and when he returned home he was this small. The bartender is stunned by all this and asks if the little man can talk, and the man says, “Why yes he can! Dad, tell him about the time you were flirting with the witch doctor’s daughter.
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