Three women dies for some unknown reason, they don't know each other. We can call them Sara, Jenna and Robyn. Before they can enter heaven, they needed to answer a simple question asked by God. Sara was the first in line, God asked her: How many times have you cheated? Sara looked at God and answers: I've cheated 4 times. God Answers: Here in heaven you get to drive a Volvo from year 92. Sara jumps in the car and drove away. Next up was Jenna. God asked her: How many times have you cheated? Jenna looks at God and answers: I've cheated 2 times. God Answers: Only two? That's impressive. Here, take this brand new BMW. Jenna jumps in her brand new BMW and drives away. Last was Robyn, she walks up to God and got the same question. How many times have you cheated? Robyn answers: I've never cheated in my entire life. I have always loved my husband more then life it self. God looks at Robyn: Is that true? Robyn: I swear, I have always been faithful. God replies: Because you have been such a good wife, here have this brand new Ferrari. Robyn, with all her joy jumps in the Ferrari and drives away. The next day Sara was driving her Volvo and came to a red light, she was going to drive left all of a sudden Robyn shows up crying and all in her new Ferrari. Sara ask her: What's wrong? How can you be so sad driving that Ferrari? Robyn looks at her and explains: I just saw my husband on a bicycle.........
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