A hungry guy walks into a restaurant

He sits at a dirty table and says: Waiter, I'm ready to order! The waiter simply nods. The man insists: Hey waiter! I'm ready! Again, waiter signals he will be right there... Just when he was about to get up and leave, the hungry man looks down at the table and sees 15 'punk' ants on motorcycles, armed with bats, chains, knives and whips... they're on pursuit of a lone ant who was wearing a black jacket, leather pants, black boots and a cowboy hat while also driving a silver motorcycle. The man, shocked, watches as the group of 15 ants tries to catch the lone ant, when, suddenly, the lone ant makes a 180 degree turn in his vehicle, takes out a whip and with a single blow knocks down 6 ants! The ant turns around and continues on his way. "This is unbelivable!" the guy thought. He had forgot he was even hungry.. But the chase continued, and everyone was going at top speed, avoiding dirty silverware and plates, suddenly, the lone ant took out a smoke bomb from it's back pocket; He lit the fuse and threw it at the gang. The smoke spread rapidly, causing the pursuers to have poor visibility and two ants fell to the ground. Now there were only 7 left... Several ants were throwing knives at him, trying to pierce the tires. But the ant was quick and nimble moving side to side! At this point the boss ant got angry. He was a huge red one, very strong, and came up close to the lone ant... the boss took out a long chain and whipped the lone ant on the arm. He lost his balance and crashed into a grain of rice; The ant quickly got up and got on the motorcycle, but when he looked up he was surrounded by the 7 remaining ants, who looked irritated and thirsty for blood... they all prepared their weapons; They began moving towards the fallen ant who at this point took out a tiny knife when suddenly... The waiter arrives and with one motion he sweeps the table saying: - Sorry for the wait. What can I get for you today, sir?
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