Two Scotts Drinking

Two Scotts drinking in a pub one day. One says to the other you know its rather expensive to be drinking in here all day. Why dont we go to me place and have us a little party says one. Thats a fine idea where do you live. Well you just get on the k trolley and you get off on Lime Street. You cant miss it i live in the third building just past the bottle shop. Its a five story building at 349 Lime Street, so when you get to the door you can use your elbow to Ring the bell and ill buzz you in. When you get to the lift you can use your elbow to hit the up arrow. When you get in you can use your elbow to push the 4th floor button. I am in 421 so when you get to me door you can use your foot to get me attention and ill come let you in. Thats fine he says but why the elbow and foot stuff? Your not coming empty handed now are you?
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