The Irony

How Abou That?

The teacher had had about all she could take of Little Johnny for the week. His constant interruptions of class by talking without holding up his hand first and ending every sentence with "How 'bout that?" had her on her last nerve. The teacher was holding an exercise that required more thought. "OK, Class, who discovered America?" Every hand shot up except Little Johnny's. He just shouted out "Christopher Columbus! How 'bout that?" Hands went down and the teacher said " That is correct, Johnny, but you must learn to raise your hand and wait to be called upon...and please stop saying "How 'bout that?" after you speak". "OK class" continued the teacher, "What year did Columbus discover America?" "1492! How 'bout that?" came the answer from Little Johnny's mouth. "Johnny!" "What did I just tell you?" Said the teacher. "You did not raise your hand and you still said "How 'bout that?" at the end! Please, Please try to remember to raise your hand, and stop saying "How 'bout that?" !!! "Now class, who can name the three ships that were with Columbus on that voyage in 1492?" Almost before she could finish her question out blurted little Johnny "The Nina, The Pinta and the Santa Maria! How 'bout that?" "That's it young man...out in the hall!" Johnny got up, crestfallen he slowly walked out the door into the hall, teacher close behind nudging him along. She closed the door to the room and spoke in hushed tones. "Young man, you are very smart and I know that you know the answers to most of my questions, but, you have to learn patience and manners. It's rude to speak in class without holding up your hand and getting permission to speak. And that irritating "How 'bout that?"'ve could say that when something is very remarkable, but NOT after everything you say." "So what I want you to do is this...stand out here and make up a poem to recite before the class. This will teach you to think and to have patience so you will start holding up your hand before speaking out." "I'll give you 5 minutes then I'll check on you." She then returned to the class. Johnny put his back against the wall and slid down until he was sitting on the floor. Desperately trying to come up with a poem...his thinking part was in action. 5 minutes passed and the door opened. The teacher said " OK, Johnny, let me hear your poem." Johnny stood up and said " As I sat, out in the hall, I watched a cockroach climb up the wall." "OK," said the teacher, "but make one little change for me, please." When you recite the poem for the class please leave the cock part just doesn't sound right." Back into the room they went. Little Johnny standing before the class, next to the teacher's desk in silence. "OK, Johnny" "Recite your poem, please" Johnny looked up at the class and got this enormous grin on his face...and began his recitation. "As I sat, out in the hall, I watched a roach climb up the wall...with his cock out!" "HOW 'BOUT THAT?" The teacher fainted.
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