Damn Cat

A man who hated his wife's cat decided to get rid of the animal by driving him several blocks away from home and letting him out of the car. When he got home, he found the cat already on the front porch. Next day, when his wife went shopping, he took the cat and drove 20 blocks away and dumped off the cat. Upon returning, he found the cat strolling up to the front door. Vexed, the next day he took the cat to the far side of the next town -- over two rivers, a set of railroad tracks, and half way up a winding mountain road, where he flung the cat out the window. Half an hour later, the home phone rang, and his wife answered. "Is that damned cat home," the husband asked his wife. "Yes, he's sitting on the front porch," she replied. "Well put him on the phone, will you? I'm lost and I need directions back to the damned house...."


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