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Kids Jokes

Boss: Where were you born? Sardarji: India. Boss: Which part? Sardarji: What do you mean which part? My whole body was born in India! Bhavani, age 11, India Me: I have a pizza joke! Friend: What is it? Me: Never mind! It's too cheesy! Ghislaine, age 11, Canada A patient goes to the doctor he says, "I feel like a pair of curtains." The doctor laughs and says, "Pull yourself together, then." Anonymous Teacher: Joey, I thought I told you to stand at the END of the line! Joey: I tried, but someone was already standing there! Katie, age 12, USA Teacher: Matthew. Could you please point out North America on this map? Matthew: Okay. Teacher: Now, Matthew, who discovered North America? Matthew: Me! Adriano, age 10, Canada Nobody, Nothing and Stupid are on a boat. Nobody falls in the water. Nothing tells Stupid to call 911. On the telephone Stupid says, "Hello, I am Stupid. I am calling for Nothing, Nobody fell off the boat." Alexis, age 11, Canada Nikita, age 11, Turkey I went out for a walk to the park, you know, just for some fresh air. I saw two beautiful, brown, shiny dogs. But I didn't know what they were called, so I asked the owner, "Are they Jack Rusells?" "No, they're mine." replied the owner. Aishah, age 10, England Teacher: Now class I want you all to answer at once. How much is six plus 4? Class: At once! Mahdiya, age 12, Canada Electrician: Your doorbell doesn't work, lady, because you have a short circuit in the wiring. Housewife: Well for goodness sake, lengthen it! Meghana, age 14, India Husband: Why don't you buy Christmas seals? Wife: I really don't know how I'd feed them! Meghana, age 14, India
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