Toothbrush Salesman

A guy got a job as a toothbrush salesman. After a slow start for a couple of weeks his sales start to go up pretty quickly until he’s the highest selling person in the company. The owner is so impressed that he asks the salesman to tell him how he’s doing it. The salesman said he had a booth in the mall and asked the owner to come check it out. The owner shows up the next day and from a distance he sees a really nice spread of different foods on the table and visitors to the booth wind up buying toothbrushes. The owner walks up to the booth and tells the salesman that he’s never seen this technique used, as he’s sampling the food. Everything is fine until he takes a taste of a dip situated in the middle of the table. He tells the salesman “This tastes like crap!” To which the salesman replied “It is, want a toothbrush?
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