Tongue Twisters

Weve all at one time or another given our best try at tongue twisters, have a look through this funny list and see how you do... Randy wondered why Willie really wasn't well. Sam saw six shiny silver spoons. Giddy gophers greedily gobble gooey goodies. Slippery slimy snakes slide slowly. Six shiny snails sighed sadly. Pretty Patty Piggy pickles plump pink peppers. Cheryl say Cher's sheer shawl Sunday. Six seals slick sick seals. How much dope could the dope dealer deal if the dope dealer could deal dope? Sheep shouldn't sleep in shacks. I slitted a sheet, a sheet i slit now i sit on the sheet i slit. I wish I had an Irish wrist watch to watch on my Irish wrist. Stick a sticker where its sticky where a sticker once was stuck. She sells sea shells by the sea shore Sure, the ship's ship-shape sir! Does the wristwatch shop shut soon?


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