Why it’s called pop


A man went to school to be an engineer but after 4 years and lots of hard work, he discovered he couldn't find a job in his field. Deeply in debt, he took on a job at a mortuary. He liked the work alright, but was annoyed by how tedious and inefficient the place was. The week after he started, there was a terrible accident. There was an explosion at a propane storage facility and several of the victims were dismembered in the blast. The funeral home was swamped with work and his boss told him "Look, I know you're not fully trained yet but we really need your help so just do the best you can." He thought to himself, "Finally, a chance to show the boss how efficiently I can work and how much better his business could be run!" Being the low man on the totem pole, he was given the task of finding the correct body parts and placing them together. This was very difficult and was taking him quite a while to accomplish, so he came up with a solution to get it done on his own more efficient schedule. He grouped the body parts of one type all together. All the heads in one place, all the arms in another, and all the legs in another, and he cleaned and dressed them up assembly line style one type of limb at a time and then placed them in their respective coffins. Later, at the group funeral service, the widow of one of the victims was inconsolable and said that she just had to see her husband's face one more time. The manager of the funeral home was sympathetic and opened the coffin for her to get one last glimpse. What she saw, however, horrified her; for in place of her husband's face there was an ugly swollen foot sticking out of the top of the coffin. Naturally this created a great scandal and damaged the reputation of the mortuary. When the manager pulled the engineer into the office to talk to him he shouted "Tell me why I shouldn't fire you right now!" The man replied, "it won't happen again! I've learned my lesson, honestly!" "And what lesson is that?" the manager asked. "Never put all your legs in one casket."
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