John was the cop in a small town where everyone knew each other. One night, during his night patrol, he spotted the town drunk walking down the street looking like he was up to no good. “Hey!” Said John, rolling down his window. “Your not heading for any trouble, are you?” “No sir!” Responded the drunkard with a big smile, “I’m heading to a lecture!” A lecture?! thought the cop incredulously at 1 am!? this I gotta see! After following him for a few blocks John was surprised to see him going into his house. “Hey!” John screamed out his window. “I thought you were heading to a lecture?!” The drunkard just held his index finger and headed inside. Sure enough within a minute John heard the lecture loud and clear through the upstairs window, “JUST WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING OUT ALL THIS TIME YOU NASTY GOOD-FOR-NOTHING…”

the right thing

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