Old George

A cowboy walks into a Saloon after he rode 150 miles on his horse in one day. He had a drink about two weeks ago, but he had himself a lady about two months ago. He enters the saloon sits down and orders a whiskey. He sees that he is the only one in the bar except for the bartender. "Sorry, barkeep, tell me, you got any gals around here?", the cowboy asks "No sir, 'Round here is only you, me, and 'Ol George, there atta back," the barkeep replies as he shows in the direction of the toilet with his head. "No," shouts the cowboy, "I ain't that kindda guy." So the cowboy just sits and orders another whiskey. After he had about half a bottle he asks the barkeep the same question as earlier. He gets the same answer: "No sir, Round here is only you, me, and 'Ol George, there atta back. Again the cowboy says, "No way I ain't that kindda guy." So he just drinks and drinks. The more he drinks the hornier he gets. After he had about two bottles of whiskey he askes the barkeep the same question and gets the same answer. But he is so horny by now that he decides 'Ol George there atta back will have to do, but he doesn't want anybody to know that he did 'Ol George there atta back. So he asks the barkeep: "If I do 'Ol George there atta back, who's gonna know about it?" The barkeep answers: "Well, sir It will be me, you, 'Ol George there atta back, and the four guys holding him down, 'cause he ain't that kindda guy either!"
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