Insecurity Guard


A guy walks into a restaurant and orders a soda. The waiter brings him the soda and says, I have to do some things in the back, will you be OK out here?” “No problem,” says the man, “Take your time.” Suddenly the man hears someone say, “Your looking good, have you been working out?” “Not much,” says the man, but when he turns around he doesn’t see anyone. As he turns back to his soda, he hears, “That’s a nice shirt, it goes well with your pants.” Again, the man turns around and sees no one. He starts to feel uncomfortable just as the waiter returns. The man says to the waiter, “It’s the funniest thing, someone’s been talking to me, but I can’t see any one.” “Oh that,” says the waiter. “It’s the breadsticks, they’re complementary.”
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