An Irish fellow in New York turns to the gentleman next to him.... “Well hey there friend! Where do ya hail from?” “I’m from Ireland.” “No kidding! I’m from Ireland myself! What part of Ireland?” “Grew up in Wexford.” “Wexford?! No kidding! I grew up in Wexford myself!” “Well what are the chances of that?! Say, what secondary school did you go to?” “I went to St Peters Secondary” “ St Peters Secondary?! I went to St Peters Secondary! I’ll be darned! What year did you graduate?” “1979” “1979??!! That’s the year I graduated! What are the chances of that?!!” Well as these 2 guys are just flabbergasted at the chances of this meeting, another guy at the end of the bar is watching curiously. He calls over to the bartender & asks “hey what on earth is going on over there?” To which the bartender replies, “ah nothing. Just the O’Malley twins drunk again.”
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