The Irony


Pedro drives up to the border and is stopped by border patrol. "Name?" asks the customs officer gruffly, "Pedro Hernandez senhor." "Sir, I'm going to have to search your vehicle for contraband.Do you have any objections." "No senhor." The customs agent searches the truck from top to bottom but cant find anything. As Pedro drives away, the agent cant shake the feeling that something is wrong and he missed something. This repeats several times, each time Pedro's truck is searched, nothing is found, but the agent cant shake the feeling that something is being smuggled across the border. One day, Pedro drives up in a truck, the agent takes him aside, and says, " Listen up Pedro, I know you're taking something across the border." "Me senhor? No si senhor." "Don't give me that Pedro, I know you're smuggling something, I dont know what it is, but tell you what, if you tell me what you're smuggling,you have my word, I'll let you off." "Really senhor?" "Yes damnit! I'm sick of this feeling in my gut, I just want to know!" "Trucks ,senhor."
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